Stretching Lessons

Her face - stoic, hard and set.   Her eyes - filling to almost overflowing, reveal her heart.

Everything gone.   Again.

Two months ago, thieves had broken in to her house; helping themselves to clothes, pots, pans, plates, cups... all she owned.

My husband had helped her secure the doors and windows of her home so that she could return to work.  Thieves are sneaky, though.  They are full of creative ideas on how to enter a wood house in ways unknown to most.

Again they entered.  And, once again, all her things of this world were lost.

She stood outside my door preparing for her shopping trip for Mama Tara's orphanage.   She asked me for nothing more than my sympathy at her loss.    I gave it.

My eyes searched our shelves for something to offer.   In my plenty, could I part with something to help her rebuild again?    My heart hardened for a moment... we don't have many extra sheets, we hardly have enough towels, the thieves that stole from us took lots of plates and many bowls ... what do I really have to give?

How ridiculous my thoughts!!!    I've never lost all my worldly goods.  I have access to most anything I need.   I can share ...  I will share.  

Gathering a few things for her, my offering seems paltry.  What else can I give?   Platitudes about God's plan seem inadequate.  I have only friendship and encouragement to offer;  words of faith that He sees, that He knows, that He cares and He loves.   He will provide for her... I just cannot see how through my tears, but maybe she can.  I pray she can. 

Returning to the orphanage where she works, she limps.  Her hips hurt from running across town chasing the thief and returning empty-handed.    As she sits in the evening light, in pain, her baby nurses and receives life.   Life.

The sun sets.  She muses about the beauty of the sky.   I agree and hug her tight.  

I drive away in my little Rhino, back to my family in my apartment with a table, 6 chairs, 5 beds with sheets and enough plates and cups to go around.     I'm rich.

God has put me here in this dirty, dangerous, dilapidated place where I am stretched and taught and changed.      It makes no sense.  It doesn't have to.   This is where I live today and this is what I do.    God, give me the grace to do it with love.

The thief comes only to kill, steal and destroy, I have come that they may have life and have it to the full!   John 10:10


Robin said…
A better description could not have been written, Laura. You have perfectly conveyed how I have felt as well here. We are so bothered by the small things the theives have taken from us, it's the principle of the thing, really. Yet we've never lost anything of real value, let alone all that we own. Praying for your friend, and for the older couple last week, who have almost nothing, yet someone stole their meager belongings from them as well. But most of all, praying that the Lord might allow us (you, me, or any of us with Christ) to reach the thieves as well, so that they too can know the redemptive power of Christ, and be changed from darkness to light. Love you, thanks for sharing your heart today.

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