Speaking the Language

As I have worked through the process of adding another language to my long-closed brain, the successes have come in starts and fits.    I will have a burst of improvement followed by a period of no growth.

Our trip to the US earlier this year set me back several months.  When I came back, my friends were asking me why I lost my Spanish.  Frustrating!

Recently, I've had a burst in the forward direction. :)   When some friends who haven't seen us in a few months came over, the husband was surprised at my fast speaking.   Happy!

This week, I was actually able to serve as a translator for an important meeting.  Shock and awe!  

I survived it and was thrilled to be able to have a skill that helps someone else in their attempt to work here.   

In a few years, maybe I will be completely bilingual.   In a few decades, maybe I'll speak Miskito well, too.  

Until then, it seems like forward momentum linguistically!


Denise said…
I am VERY excited for you, my friend. That is a FANTASTIC accomplishment and one to be proud of. I have every faith that you will one day be tri-lingual (if that even is a word?)!
Holly (me.) said…
Good for you! Glad to hear that the language mountain is shifting toward mole hill status.

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