Something Came Over Me...

Last Sunday, we had church at Mama Tara's in the afternoon with several members of the Mama Tara's US Board.    I was excited to see all of the Board members participate in their own way, using their own God-given gifts - singing, teaching, loving.  My role, I thought, was simply translator and friend.  

Imagine my surprise when, after the lesson on good fruit and bad fruit, I began to preach to the kids in Spanish.   This is NOT me... I'm not a preacher.   And yet, there was a message that needed to be told that very day, at that very moment, and, by the GRACE of God, it all came out in understandable Spanish. 

The Gospel was shared with some of my favorite little friends and 5 of them made a decision to begin a relationship with Jesus for the first time. 3-4 more renewed their commitment to live their lives for Jesus.   

In comparison to the large VBS programs that my friends are involved with in the States, these 'numbers' are miniscule.    To me, personally, though, each one of these children are gems.  They are lovely to me and their decision to follow my Jesus is precious.  

When we look at missions, do we look at numbers of converts?   Or do we look at the individual ones?     God may call many to the masses, but He has called our little family to the one... relationships with one child at a time.   Sharing our love on a daily basis with one and being surprised and thrilled at His harvest.

Mil gracias a mi Dios!  (Thousands of thanks to my God!)

Our God is a God of lost causes—the mustard seed, the lost sheep, and the widow’s mite. Every life is precious in his sight. Richard Sterns - World Vision


Holly (me.) said…
The one is enough. I think of one who sat on my lap watching a video almost a year ago... and I am certain that one is worth everything.
Denise said…
I agree with Holly. If you factor all the sacrifice, all the anguish, all the loneliness and IF you didn't have all the wonderful parts of this past year+ the light of eternity ONE would have been enough. But you got to be a part of 5 in one day!!!

Don't you love these words of WISDOM I dish out from my cozy, comfortable, biggest challenge is "what's for dinner?" kitchen?

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