One year plus into this life called the mission field has me more aware than ever of the importance of prayer.     The power of prayer is the means by which we are able to accomplish anything here.   It is not cliche, it is not feigned humility... it is reality.

As the year has unfolded, I've tried to read as much as I can get my hands on regarding prayer.  I love to look at prayer from all sides - from liturgical prayers to deeply personal prayers to prayers that relate to spiritual warfare.   Recently, I found a free download for the Kindle entitled Prayer Begins with Relationship by Cynthia Hyle Bezek.    

Honestly, as I began the book, I thought there was really nothing new in it for me.    I thought I understood the aspect of God as a friend I could communicate with.   When it came time to think through some of the exercises, I realized I was mistaken.

One of the questions asked me to write down one topic I am currently praying about.   Next, it asked me to consider how I would pray about this topic if I thought of God as only my Master....  then it asked how I would pray about this if I also thought of God as my Friend.   The final question was the turning point for me...  What kind of response would I hope for from God in each case?

I realized that the way I would present my prayer request to a Master would be much different than the way I would talk something over with a friend.  And my expectation of response would be 180 degrees different.

So much to learn in one, very short lifetime.


Holly (me.) said…
Huh. These questions inspire entirely new thoughts. How intriguing.

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