Often, the words partnership and teamwork are overused and under-implemented.   We see this in missionary work, too.   We talk about partnership and working together and yet, when the rubber meets the road, so often missionaries and humanitarian organizations go it alone.  

The Conference on Honduras addressed this problem head-on.    All of the organizations represented have a heart to somehow improve the conditions of Honduras.   Knowing that one person or one organization isn't going to do such a monumental task alone, the Conference focused upon how we can work together,  create and share model programs and celebrate the small victories that are happening all over the country.

We returned to La Moskitia and promptly began e-mailing the folks we met who were working in similar areas - orphan care, education, sustainability.    Because of one encounter, our dream of a school may happen faster than we ever anticipated.  

Working together... this is Biblical.  God gave us differing gifts.  He did not give any ONE person all that is necessary to accomplish a large goal.   We have no choice but work together, let's do it with LOVE and appreciation toward others who may possess the very thing we need to succeed.  We NEED other people using their gifts to reach the goals that God has set before us.

We are interdependent beings on this Earth - failure to realize such will only realize failure.  

More on the Conference and Copan, Honduras to come...


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