Updates on Little Friends

If you've been with this blog for a bit, you will know about a few kids that I've mentioned...  here is a wee update  on them:

Baby Girl Y - back in December I had the privilege of caring for this tiny, malnourished little one.  Today, after 10 months at the House of Hope, she is SO healthy.  Praise God for formula and LOVE from many people.   She is absolutely beautiful and shows very few signs of the severe malnourishment she experienced.     Right now, she is in the loving care of a couple from the US, Lauren & Steven.  They give her and her older brother the experience of a family.   Isn't that a beautiful thing?

  Baby Y - 6 months old & 8 pounds
 December 2010

 Me & Y - June 2011

 Beautiful pictures of Y by my friend, Holly.

Yahdeli - in August, I told you about a young girl named Yahdeli who we thought had broken her chin.    She returned to Tegus last week for an appointment with the doctors.  The cyst is not draining fast enough so they have increased her treatment.  She should be able to have the tubes removed in one month.  Meanwhile, her smile is back, she is not in pain and she has returned to spending time with her friends.   Yipppeeeeee.

Diana - our teenage special friend/family member.   She is still working hard after a bit of a bump in the road.   We are praying for her continued growth! 

Arnie - last fall, Arnie lived with us after he broke his arm.   He is back at the House of Hope with his brother living close to his family.   Thankfully, after some challenges in attending school, Arnie is back in school full-time and concentrating on his studies.  The street seems to always call Arnie's name... his older brother lives on the streets most days and it appears to be an attractive life to many boys who seek freedom.  We pray that Arnie does not fall for this idea.

Let's see, who else?   Just happy to see the forward momentum.


Denise said…
Thanks for posting this. I remember praying for all these little ones. What a difference a few months make! I can update my prayers (and thanksgiving) for all of them now.
Holly (me.) said…
I do love these updates. Keep 'em coming, friend.

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