Something Disturbs Me

There are several frustrating things about public education here...  frequent teacher strikes, government delays in salaries for teachers, frequent 'days off' of school for silly reasons.  However, the most egregious of situations to me is the 'pay to pass' concept.

We assist several public middle school students as well as several private high school students.  (The only high school possibility is private here.)   The public students are constantly asked to bring money.   Mind you, we live in a horribly poor area where most cannot afford enough food for even 2 meals per day, forget the idea of special projects.   

The worst example of this culminated just this last weekend.  My friend, Mery Luz, is a single mother of 2 children.  Her eldest daughter has cerebral palsy and is completely unable to function on her own.  Mery Luz works with us in the afternoons - helping me in a myraid of ways.   It is my joy to be able to offer her a job for a few hours each weekday.   

This year, Mery Luz decided to go back to school.   She started where she left off as a girl - 7th grade.  She goes to school on the weekends.   Reach Out Honduras, our non-profit, helped pay for her uniform and school supplies.    

Recently, Mery Luz has been telling me how her teachers have mandated that each student bring money for a new chalkboard.  The next week, they ordered money for curtains.  And so on.   Mery Luz has absolutely no extra in her budget.   Reach Out Honduras is not going to pay money for these types of things.

This last weekend, Mery Luz was not permitted to take her exams because she had not paid any of these 'extras' required by her teachers.    I am sick for her.    She is stubborn and isn't going to back down.   I wonder if this will cost her a year's worth of education.    I cannot imagine myself allowing that to happen.  And yet, to pay is to acquiesce to this ridiculous corrupt idea of scholarship.

All of this simply points me to a greater need for some type of school that eager students without means can attend.   A place where students do not have to worry about the integrity of their teachers.   A place where education is not gained by bribery and corruption.    Lord, guide our steps and give light where we need it.  


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