Quick update on our homeschool year...   we have found ourselves to now be year-around homeschoolers.   In order to take 6-8 weeks off when we visit the US and to take the weeks off when we have teams here from our home church, we have to take full advantage of the rest of our time.

We work hard Monday through Thursday and if our work is done for the week, we take Fridays off.  This set-up is beneficial for our family.

In History, we have finished our travels with Israelites through the wilderness and are about to begin a study of the Indus Valley.   In Science, Aidan is studying rocks and minerals and Arlee is making her way through Astronomy.   Grammar is grammar.  Math is math.     Their foreign language classes happen in daily life.

Adam is doing well with his online Kindergarten now that our internet is back up.  He is also beginning to write well and to read.   Aaron has settled down to the point that he wants to sit and learn with us.  He is beginning to make letters with sticks, count a bit and loves to listen to a good story.   I'm happy that all of my little chicks like to listen to books.   We are putting the hundreds of books we brought to good use.

I feel as if we have crossed an important threshold.  Instead of me constantly being worried about Aaron and his craziness, I'm able to work with everyone.   I know this is age related and it makes life much easier for me to be at this stage.  

Overall, I'm really pleased with where we are.   I'm not a perfect teacher, certainly not trained as such.  I am, however, the most interested person in the education of my children.   This passion I have for their future makes me qualified.   As long as the passion remains enough to make up for the areas I intellectually may lack, I'll continue.   Plus, we don't have a host of other options :).


Mrs. Edwards said…
I love this: " I am, however, the most interested person in the education of my children. This passion I have for their future makes me qualified. "

So true.

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