In Case You Don't Know Us... Meet Clan Waits

Clan Waits - the ones with whom I share my days, the people who capture my heart and the ones who most often provoke my words.  Hearts of my heart.  

Alex - The Daddy, the Main Missionary Man, the Leader of all-things Waits.   Alex was born in Glasgow, Scotland and grew up in North Texas.   He played football for lots of years, including both college and a bit in the NFL.   A relaxing morning with Alex includes a cup of great java,  a back porch facing coconut trees and a good book or some thought-provoking, world-changing topic to discuss.   Alex is the motivator, encourager and protector of his little clan.   He epitomizes the Old Spice man, in a good way. :)

Laura (me)  -   The Mama, the one-who-likes-to-write, the part-time missionary and the teacher of the clan.   I have an affection for people - old friends and new; simple friendships and complicated ones.    I've worn many hats - foster mommy, lawyer, vegetable co-op lady,  Sunday school teacher, daughter,  sister and friend.    All-in-all, I'm just an ordinary, silly girl who has somehow turned into an ordinary, silly woman who dreams of someday being an ordinary, silly old lady who laughs with my last breath.

Aidan (11) - Oldest bro, loyal friend, and keeper of the books.    Aidan loves music, his buddies and all-things LEGO.     We call him the absent-minded professor, but in reality, he may be the most clear-focused of all of us.   Aidan loves the rain, reading, naps, and late-night movies with popcorn.  He dreams of being a pilot. 

Arlee (8) -  Only girl and keeper of the dolls.  Arlee is a fiercely loyal person who fights for what is right.   She is spunky, but shy.    Arlee wants a little sister and Mommies every little girl she meets.   Her ideal day would be sleeping in, eating 3 bowls of yogurt,  riding bikes, swimming in the lagoon and staying up late.    Arlee dreams of being a missionary Mommy.

Adam (5)  -   Born in the tummy of another mommy in 2006, but born in this mommy's heart in 2007.   Adam is our sensitive, sweet, sugar-lover.     He is the most likely to give his siblings the limelight while he quietly holds our hands and waits his turn.    Adam is a thinker and often understands things way beyond his years.   His adoption was a gift to this family; the clan would not be complete without his peace.   Adam dreams of living inside the Super Mario Brothers game.

Aaron (4) -   Became a part of the Waits clan in 2007, only 3 months after his birth.   Aaron is the spunkiest, sassiest clan member.    Always at the forefront, Aaron never meets a stranger.   His laugh is contagious and his angry fits are hysterical.   He really loves riding bikes for hours and hours around our concrete backyard in Honduras.    Aaron is an inventor and does not play with normal toys.  Give the child some sticks, a few nails and some string and you've got an afternoon's worth of entertainment.   Wonder what technological goodies he will give to our world one day?


Cynda said…
Sweet, sweet, sweet! I know all this about each of you but reading brings your faces to mind.

Hugs to all! Cynda

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