There are some days that just rank up at the top of my favorite list ... days where we can connect the people we love in Texas with the people we love here in La Moskitia, Honduras.

Last Tuesday was one of those days.

I wish I could describe to you how much we love our friends back in Texas.   If I get to going on this, I'll start the waterworks.   So, let's suffice it to say, we are blessed with people who love to give and seem to love us loads, regardless of how many times we flub up.  :)

One such family is the Saltz family.    Denise was one of the first people I told about Alex feeling called into missions and me feeling ready to walk right along with him.   I remember vividly the day... sunny, with a bit of a north Texas chill.    She took the news without surprise and, as always, offered wisdom and encouragement.    Denise always e-mails me;  she knows I love all of the details of her life.   She asks wonderful questions and always follows up with a thoughtful response on the serious things I write.  

Denise's daughters have been friends with my kids for many, many years.   I admire a lot of things about how Denise parents her daughters, but what I love most is the generosity that Denise and Matt teach their girls.    At Christmas time,  their oldest daughter sent money for us to buy audio Bibles in Miskito.   Recently, their 2 oldest daughters saved their money, quite a bit of it for two young girls... and sent it to us.   We felt led to buy fruit for street boys that do not ever get fruit.

Connecting worlds.   Making the miles seem like inches.  

Enjoy the 'fruit' of their labor.


Holly (me.) said…
LOVE seeing posts like these that highlight creative ways to share in the mission.
Thanks for making me cry in the middle of Starbucks. :) What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing!!!! May we all bear fruit like this.
Denise said…
I really believe it is your goal to have me start my day off with a good cry. This is now a couple of times in less than a week. Thank you for your sweet words. I love you and your sweet family!!!

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