A Field Trip of Sorts

This morning I sat down to plan the next 3 weeks of homeschooling.  We school for 3 more weeks and then head to the other side of Honduras for a missionary/humanitarian conference in Copan, Honduras. 

Our chronological study of History has taken us to ancient civilizations.  The week before our trip, we will be studying The Mayan civilization.

Guess what city in Honduras is famous for their Mayan ruins?


I was really speechless.  I didn't plan it out... we didn't even know that we were going to be able to go to the conference until last month.    We often move at a slower pace in History than I've planned, so I couldn't even have planned it this way.

It tickles me that my kids actually get a field trip that corresponds with their History studies.  



Robin said…
Glad you all get to go out, excited to see how the Lord works even the smallest things for our good! Hope the kids enjoy their field trip!

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