Americans in Paradise

My hopes are high that I will be able to blog more completely about our lives here.   With our new modem, I'm hopeful. 

With that in mind, I'd like to 'introduce' you to the other gringos we see regularly. 

The Engle Family - Roger & Katrina Engle have lived in La Mosquitia for many, many years and have raised their kids here.  Katrina helped start the House of Hope with Dr. Tom Brian from Allen, Texas.    Their kids are close with our kids.  We owe a debt of gratitude to this family for showing us where to buy things, how to do things and helping us find  an apartment.

The Trask Family - Gene  & Robin Trask and their 4 kids moved here around the same time we did.  Their call is to Pastor training and Gene often travels into remote villages to preach and teach.   Sadly, they will moving across the lagoon as soon as their house is built.   Our kids love to play baseball, swim and visit with the Trask kids.   I love to spend time with Robin and read her great blog, Taste and See.  

James & Paula Anthony - Live across the lagoon on an island.  Paula is a nurse and has a small medical clinic there.  James has a jail ministry.   They have teams come in to minister around the island and to work on constructing a team house for medical mission teams.   We are happy to have Paula & James in our lives.  They are long time missionaries from Mississippi.

Morgan - Morgan is fresh out of college and is here living with her 'adopted' baby, Grace.  Morgan is an extraordinary young woman of faith.   They live very close to us and we often see Grace running around in our backyard while Morgan is washing clothes.   We love them both very much.

Steven & Lauren - are here for one year to work at the House of Hope.  These two are a blessing to us.  They always make us laugh at stories about the kids.  They are from Allen, Texas, which makes us feel a little closer to DFW when we get together.   Steven is our Adam's best friend - only a slight age difference :).   We will be sad when they go back to the States next March.

Abby - is a short-term volunteer at the House of Hope.  She is a fiesty, hard-working young teacher who has a passion for education and kids.   Abby always adds a touch of fun to the mix.

Dr. Marianne - is a retired cardiologist from the upper midwest.  She is the doctor and financial person for the House of Hope.  She works hard to coordinate medical trips for sick children here in La Mosquitia.  

That about sums it up.    We are a motley band of gringos from all over the US.  And yet, we often find ourselves comforted, encouraged, working side-by-side and even rescued by one another.      Thank God for folks who can speak in our heart language!!


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