Multiplying Laughs

Lots of heavy stuff this week... but, grateful for some light-weight stuff, too.

Wednesday morning, I met with some very special ladies for a time of fellowship and discussion of God's Word.   We hope to start a Bible study of the life of David in around 3 weeks.   For now, it is just a few who desperately want to see God's fingerprints among the living and dying and in-between that we experience here in this remote corner of our world.   

Wednesday, I had a great afternoon with another missionary here.  Robin is a woman of God with a southern vocabulary and a brain like a steel trap.  You should see her play Scrabble.   We've found a connection in our efforts to be transparent.  We have both felt some homesickness and have realized what the Lord is working on in each of us.  It was a blessing to share an afternoon and a girls' game night with a few other friends.   We laughed so hard and I lost, big time, at Scrabble.

For the past two days, I 've had to make bank trips in the afternoon.  Yesterday, I waited in line and found out one really amazing thing and one not so great thing.   The system was out, so nothing could come from the US.   However, in our Honduran account, a Honduran had deposited $250 - $75 for our family and the rest for the medical school scholarships we are starting for 2012.   A Honduran did this... someone who does not know us personally.   That is God and only God. 

Today, I went back and spent two hours in the air conditioning watching my skin shrivel.    No really, I wrote on my little steno pad for almost an hour and a half straight... all about what I've learned this year.    Whew.   The time went by fairly quickly and before long all of my transactions were complete and 6 students can take their high school exams thanks to the loving support of their sponsors.

I'm blessed.   The burdens are heavy, but they are clearly to be laid before my Lord's feet, not carried on my back.    The joys are many and may the laughs be multiplied.


Robin said…
Thanks for the great compliments, just for the record, I didn't win at Scrabble, either! Was beaten by a 'Yankee' from New York, lol! I had a great time, and hope to do it again sometime soon. Am learning to enjoy the fellowship whenever I can get it, amidst the busyness here. Glad the Lord has allowed us to meet and become friends, our tasks here are different, but it's all being done for His honor and glory.

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