A Most Interesting Day


The morning started out with all of the kids wanting to play baseball.  We’ve been watching the movie, The Perfect Game, so baseball is on the brain around here.   Alex loaded all of the baseball equipment and took the kids down to the soccer field Smile to try a game.   On the way, he picked up our missionary friends’ kids, too.   We are going to be sad when they move across the bay in a few months.


From the way it sounds, the gringos playing baseball was so funny that quite a few Miskito kids joined in the game, along with our Garifuna friend, Dioris.   Arlee has been practicing all afternoon –pitching with both hands (she is normally a leftie).   Alex said that if baseball recruiters ever came to La Moskitia, there might be a few boys who could be in the mix for pro baseball.   Of course, I like to think my girl could mix it up a bit, too.


I had great intentions of cleaning and then heading out the field to take some pictures.  However, this morning Di came over to help me clean and we ended up in several great conversations about faith, stealing, cooking, lying and discipline.    At one point, another friend joined us…  3 around my table… 3 different races… 4 languages represented…  talking about ONE God and how to live our lives more beautifully for Him.   We decided that we would all 3 read the same verses each day from a Bible reading plan I have in Spanish.   Exciting stuff.


The day moved along well with preparations for a fried robalo (fish) and a special side of green bean casserole (thanks to the Joni who sent dehydrated veggies last year) and a peach/pineapple cobbler.  


Suddenly, I looked out our back screen door and saw our puppy on a ledge about 3 stories high.  She was scared to death.   She was too far out for anyone to reach her and nothing could coax her back.   We tried using a broom handle to move her backward and almost sent her tumbling down to the concrete below.  


Her 4 dog friends were all looking up at her wondering how in the world she got herself into such a pickle.    After about an hour of trying, Alex remembered that the House of Hope has a huge ladder.  He headed out to load it up.


The next think I know, my husband (think tall Scottish man) was on this very thin ladder too high in the air for my liking.  He did rescue her safely and dropped her down to the waiting blanket brigade below.  Whew.


Poor dog.  She also has mange.  We have only very basic things here to work with – today we mixed some natural nut oil with sulphur.  I tried the oil alone, but she licked it all off.  So, the only other recommended treatment here is mixing the sulphur in.  I pray that tomorrow is a better day for our little Lily.


The Herd said…
Wow! Praise the Lord--you are right...his finger prints are all over this one!

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