We live in a concrete apartment with 5 medium-sized windows and 2 small ones.   If we have regular rain, the temperature in our apartment is bearable.   We have not had rain in the last 5 days and the temperature is now a large challenge.   The humidity here is very high, too.   On these days, I feel like a slow-roasting chicken.  

Since our series of break-ins, we do not leave the windows in the kids' rooms open at night.   When the electricity goes off each morning, I am convinced that I won't make it through. :)    The challenge of heat without respite or air conditioning doesn't bother me when we have rain.   Without rain, I'm challenged.

And yet, somehow the hours pass and I'm still alive at the end of the day. 

The last 3 months, we've had major problems with our internet provider.    We might have internet for 5 minutes and then nothing for days.    My communication with friends has been difficult.   I'm challenged.

And yet, somehow, I'm still here and focusing more than ever on my friendship with my husband.

Yes, I am challenged.  I'm pushed.    I have found myself to be tougher than I thought I was, but not as tough as I'd like to be.   

Praying for rain.


Christy said…
Thinking of you, my dear friend :)
Mrs. Edwards said…
When I read the bit from Tozer that I put on my blog, about the call of Christ being a promotion, I thought about God calling me out of my career into mothering and homeschooling, and then I thought of you and the Kingdom-promotion that you have received.

I've also been reading Jeremiah and thinking about the fact that success in the Kingdom is measured in our faithfulness or fidelity, not in the typical measures of productivity that we are used to.

Hang in there.


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