Baking Class


Often, I have the opportunity to help with Di’s English homework.   Usually, I am frustrated because the teacher doesn’t even speak English.  A typical assignment for basic students is to prepare a list of 100 irregular verbs in English – without the Spanish equivalent.  I do not get this.  Why are people teaching English in a school setting without being able to speak the language? 


This week, Di had homework in her Activities class (I still don’t know exactly what that means).  Her homework included making a salad of some sort, cooking a meat dish and baking a cake.  Thursday morning, I had 5 giggling teenage girls in my kitchen trying to understand my Spanish enough to learn how to bake a cake.  Di said that none of them had ever baked a cake, nor had their mothers???   Birthdays are not a big deal here – most people don’t even know their birthday.


They did a super job and ended up winning the prize for the best cake.   More than anything, it was good to see Di in a group of her peers doing normal teenage things instead of constantly worrying about things a young lady shouldn’t even have to contemplate.

***Di in the burgundy blouse. 






Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Denise said…
They are all so beautiful! Was Arlee around? I can just see her living it up with all those older girls giggling in her kitchen.

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