Two Signs…

Right now, there are 2 banners hanging across the street right out in front of our apartment.   This one…

    “Huge service of salvation, healing and miracle for 3 days”




and this smaller one below, the sign to the left… “ Of s*xuality and other secrets” 

I find great irony that these 2 signs are fighting for one street corner’s attention.    The healing and miracles party is happening across the street from our apartment.  Last night, I wanted to go and worship because the music was beautiful.   But, then the screaming in tongues began…  it scared me because of its volume, the tone and the confusion such evenings bring.   



Note the air condition units on the Bank!!!  Alex enjoyed their A/C this week while he waited 4 HOURS to make 2 transactions.  Smile I know you’re jealous.


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