One Day


I saw a young man with AIDS who is completely and absolutely ostracized by this community.   Still, he perseveres and goes to school - 8th grade student.    I tried to explain to Di about Jesus' time spent with lepers and how today AIDS is the modern-day leprosy.   I'm haunted by what his life must be.

I heard beautiful voices singing Mighty to Save in Spanish and then in English at my English class.  Then when I went to drop off little friends at the House of Hope, I heard my Sunday School girls singing the same song at the top of their lungs!    Two friends, Jenna and Holly, originally taught the English students this song.  I'm just carrying along their work.  Happy teacher am I.

I woke up tired, but tickled, after having 2 additional little ones spend the night last night.  Aaron, my baby, rose to the occasion and acted like a big brother bossy boots.   What a fun thing to see.

I shook my head in disbelief as I saw a many driving a motorcycle on our crazy, pot-holed, dirt streets while talking on a cellphone!!!!

I felt delight when I drove by an intact family unit... Dad, Mom and beautiful baby.  It is such a rare sight that it deserves a petition for preservation.   Praise!

I basked in the Pastor's words today that all of us worshiping together (different races and backgrounds) was pleasing to the Lord.   Amen.

I giggled endlessly when my son coined the term 'missionary blues' when referring to a friend who is upset.   Missionary blues.   Perfect way to put it.

Sundays are quickly becoming a favorite day of the week.  They are jam-packed with blessings and goodness.   How about yours?


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