Perhaps, today was the perfect combination of activities.  

I absolutely love my Sunday School class.  Today, we used our felt Bible story system for the first time.   The entire package was donated by the Mom of our dear friends, the Ginns.   Today, it was the Sermon on the Mount in felt characters.  

My only problem with these felt folks is that they are all gringos.  I asked the kids today if Jesus was a gringo and they thought he was.  Yikes!  After quickly clarifying that this wasn't true and that Jesus looked more like them than me, we moved forward.   Their verse today was 'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.'    Pure in heart.   Sounds like a blog post in the making.

After church, we had a gringo potluck at our apartment.    Hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, BBQ beans, pasta salad, cake balls and drinks.  WOW.   There are many volunteers at the House of Hope right now and it was a great time.   We celebrated by moving our table and chairs outside where it is cooler (yes, I said cooler outside my house than in) and enjoying our new garden.  

At 4:00, my English class students started arriving.  I LOVE my English class.   Seriously.    It just makes me happy to see these hardworking kids trying so hard to learn something that is so difficult for them.   I totally understand their position... one year ago, I started this journey to learn Spanish and last week, I started a journey to learn Miskito.   Whew, it is hard.

Finished off the day with left-over homemade pizza from last night and a rousing game of Candy Land.    Nearly perfect.


I did not realize how long it had been since I caught up on your blog. You have written so much this month. It is all so eloquent, touching, and real.

Thank you for sharing your life in such a real and honest way!

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