Missing... or Not

7/There are certain privileges one can enjoy in the US that I, from time to time, envy:

A fully-stocked library in my language
An electric company that feels responsible to me, the customer
Water that can travel immediately from the tap to my lips, without a pause at the filter
Starbucks… just the coffee o’ the day with a hazelnut shot, please
Mexican food – no, Honduran food is not Tex-Mex
My church
Stories of everyday Americans changing their world
Consistent, high-speed internet
Being able to rally around a friend in need who is having surgery
Sporting events of our kids

There are others for which I do not long:

Cars and the cost of maintenance
Traffic caused by those vehicles
Nightly news blathering on about this candidate or that one
The pressure of being a ‘Suburban-American Mom’


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