If We Had to Come Back Tomorrow…

In honor of our upcoming ‘One Year in Honduras’ anniversary, my friend, Pam, suggested this question:   ‘If you had to return to the US tomorrow, how would your lives be forever changed?’

Now THAT is a fascinating question.

We have no plans to return to the US permanently, but if God’s hand directed, this is how I see things would be different than before (in no particular order).

We would:

  • rent a small house.  We have 1500 sq ft here and have grown accustomed to living close together and all sharing a bathroom the size of a nice coat closet.   We do technically have other bathrooms, but they have never fully-functioned and smell horrific. 

  • try not eat out nearly as much as we used to.     There are only 1 or 2 places to even eat out here, so I have no excuse.  We are now used to eating what is available.   This is good for the budget and the food pyramid.

  • work in the non-profit sector or for a church in a missions capacity, if possible.   We have the bug now and it would be hard to go back to corporate America.     

  • continue the work of Reach Out Honduras as best we could and visit La Mosquitia several times per year.  This place is a second home to us and the thought of never seeing it again is too much to bear.

  • still homeschool…  taking it just like we do now, year by year.   We’ve come a long way in this area.   If we actually made it through schooling last year through a move to a foreign country, we can probably make it through anything.  It wasn’t my ‘best’ year as a teacher, but my kids were resilient.

  • go to every library and museum we could (on free days)… our kids have missed this, and so have I.

  • buy second-hand as much as possible.

  • live close to our church, if at all possible.

  • spend more time with friends and family.

  • talk to more people about Christ and a relationship with Him… not religion.   

  • probably be foster parents again.

  • travel cheap around the US – especially to places like Washington, DC,  New York and historical sites.

  • support young missionaries.   Raising support is a tough thing.   All Christians can be a part of sending… no support is too small.
  •  be grateful for the last year... it has been faith-altering.


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