Clouds & Sunshine

There is something akin to homesickness, but not quite the same.   It is a feeling that comes over me that longs for the familiar, the 'what everybody else is doing'  instead of this frontier-living that God has called us to.  :)  

When I see the wonderful pictures of summer vacations in Colorado and Florida on facebook, I find myself wondering if our children will miss not doing such things?  And then I remind myself that we didn't do those things to begin with!  And, in 2013, our friends are taking us to Disney... what could be better than that?

When I read about my friends enjoying java at Starbucks, I find myself wondering how I would handle the ability to have Starbucks everyday.  Would I soon grow tired of it or would I be able to capture the 'newness' of it in my mind and make it a treat every time?

When I picture VBS happening at our church next week, I find myself thankful that we had a great time last year.  Memories brought to life again and again with the VBS songs from last year that play from our ipod.   And yet, sad that we will miss.

When I imagine the awesome Bible study for ladies that happens at our church, I feel a pain in my chest at times.   I find myself feeling a whole lot of missing and a wee bit of envy.    I realize that my spiritual growth here doesn't work like it did in the US.  There are not 15 other women to grow alongside...   it is often just me and my growth at times seems stunted.

There are moments, friends, where the 'wishing I were there' takes over and casts a dark cloud over the day.    Thankfully, the sun peeks through.    The sun shines through e-mail from friends and the good news we get to share because of technology. 

Thank you to you dear friends, you are my sunshine!


Mrs. Edwards said…
Sometimes I have the same wistful feelings about my kids missing out, but for me it is because we don't have the financial resources for the extras and wonderful vacations that others do.

However, I look at your family and think, "What an amazing life-shaping experience for their kids to live in a cross-cultural experience watching their parents lay down their selves for the sake of Christ; my kids are missing out." Don't you dare believe the lie that your children are missing out!
Linda said…
When I worked on the mission field sometimes I felt that way too. I used to CRAVE a Burger King Whopper, for example!

On the other hand, you're doing a work with mind-boggling, ongoing spiritual value--which will last for eternity. Matthew 19:29 says, "Everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much...." Watch for those "hundred times as much" blessings -- those treasures God gives you, spiritual or otherwise, that you'd have missed if you had stayed home. I'm asking God to show them to you, if not now, over time. BLESS YOU! :)

Be of good cheer,

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