Brain Exercises

We got to talk to our home church's VBS tonight.   One of our friends was teaching the missions class and invited us in.   What a treat to hear the music and connect with our church family, too.

Some of  the kids in the missions class had great questions:

What do you do if the people really don't like you guys?
How many people have become Christians since you got there?
What will you do if someone tries to hurt you?
Are you scared?
Have you seen any sharks?
Are there any lakes close by?
What happens if you have 10 hurricanes in a row?

Our time with them was really precious.  Our little ones were dancing to the VBS music.

For me, it was a nice way to end an exhausting afternoon.   Today, the Alastero sisters were here to talk about a million things.  I spoke Spanish for over 2 hours straight and my brain was tired.   It was a great conversation - getting lots of business accomplished.   I feel such a kindred connection to two of them.   Often, I wonder how I must appear to them.

I'm hoping that learning 2 new languages after the age of 40 will be good exercise for my noggin'. 

God Bless You.   Dios te bendiga.  Dawan Yamni Mine Mumbia.


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