Just a few bullet points:

  • June is b-day month for 4 out of 6 members of our family!
  • Aidan's 11th b-day was celebrated with 2 parties - family party where I finally perfected sweet & sour chicken and a co-birthday party with Aidan's best friend here.   The group party was at the lagoon... beautiful afternoon.  Aidan's tree-climbing skills are second-to-none.

  • We have a new 'Watch dog' -  Lily.   She is a delightful addition to the family.    Not sure she will ever actually 'watch' anything though.
  • Our personal garden is expanding - planted 6 cucumber plants today and a new fence goes up this week.    Plenty of seedlings to give away to our garden projects, too!
  • The funny sayings from Adam & Aaron never end...  my problem, I laugh so hard I cannot remember them
  • We've enjoyed lots of fish lately... and our kids have enjoyed trying 'fish eyes' on a dare!  It makes me proud that they are more adventurous than their mom.
  • Father's Day and our high school reunion this weekend made me a bit nostalgic and missing family and friends.   Thankfully, I did not experience the deep homesickness of last Christmas.   Progress.
  • I have a great dad!
  • Collected pine needles for an orphanage's pine basket business last week... felt like I was in the Piney Woods of  East Texas.
  • Anticipating 3 more family b-days in the next 10 days to finish June off strong!


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