Visiting Di's Garden

There is this sweet girl… Di. She is 17. Her father died when Di was 5 and her mother ran off immediately after with another man. She is essentially, a complete orphan. Her grandmother is very poor and unable to care for Di and her siblings. Di and a sister lived at a local orphanage for many years. 3 years ago, she chose to leave and start life on her own. Since that time, she has become a Christian and is back in school pursuing her studies. She is in the 8th grade and is living with an aunt. Reach Out Honduras has helped her with her school supplies, her uniform and a few critical needs.

Di spends a great deal of time with our family. Through a partnership with a Honduran orphanage ministry, ROOM, we were able to give her a beautiful Bible, her first. She comes to our house for dinner and to hang out. Often, she insists on cleaning. Recently, we’ve decided that she should be paid when she does this. So, Diana has a small job with us and is able to provide for her own needs, rather than feeling obligated to ask me for shampoo, deodorant, etc.

Now, to tell you about Gardening… last fall and winter, we started around 180 tomato seedlings. These seedlings were given out to people that we know, personally. We gave many plants to our dear friends, co-workers, and we started several gardens and planted many plants in our own backyard.

Recently, we spent 6 weeks traveling to and from the US. Upon our return, we were eager to see if any of the tomato plants ‘took root.’ One by one, we are hearing stories of small successes in cultivation and production. Di’s story is our favorite…

Di received 2 tomato plants and some seeds. Honestly, we thought she had lost them or somehow wasn’t able to make them grow while we were gone. We even forgot to ask her how they were doing. Saturday, we took Di with us to swim in the lagoon. When we dropped her off at her house, she said, “Look, Alejandro and Laura! My tomatoes!”

The picture doesn’t show it, but Di has an abundance of almost-red tomatoes on her two bushes. She has built protection for her little garden out of discarded material.

Please join us in praying for Di. This precious girl has a chance… she has a fragile chance that, in this culture, must be nurtured like an emerging seedling. We are speaking God’s promises over her… God has a plan for her life. He has been her Provider. She has seen His Hand at work. And yet, we live in a fallen world, in a place where young women are not valued at all. Abuse is frequent and dreams can be shattered overnight.

Di’s dreams include Christian school next year in Copan, Honduras. We are walking beside her, praying with her, encouraging her and making sure that she has what she needs to succeed. We can ONLY do this because YOU have come beside us and provided the means for us to live here and be involved in her life. We are honored to represent YOU here in Honduras…


Angela said…
Amazing! This is an awesome young lady, My family and I will be praying for her.

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