Nits and Bits


I’ve blogged a bit about lice and their babies (nits).  Nits are something the girls of La Moskitia are trained to remove from one another’s hair.  It is a beautiful experience to see these girls taking care of one another in this way.

Right now, election signs are up here in the suburb we are visiting.  (This does connect, I promise).   There is one candidate who has this slogan across the top of his sign, at least this is how it should read … “IN IT FOR FRISCO.”

One of the posts covers the first ‘I’ which makes it read ‘NIT FOR FRISCO.’   This makes me cackle.  And it my little nit friends could see it, I can imagine them cheering from inside their tiny egg… in my mind’s eye I’m picture Bugs Life for louse.

Laugh with me, folks.


Mey said…
I can't find you on Facebook ;( you are hiding. As a joke I made myself available to be a piojo y liendre executive for a fee. I printed cards and forwarded little envelopes to all the school nurses around. One day I started getting phone calls from parents. Long story short, In this hood parents pay $120 per hour to the piojo executive.
Cynda said…
You see the world in such an interesting way! You make me smile!

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