My US of A

Since my last post may have a been a bit too hard on my US of A, I need to put a few words out there about how much I love the land of my birth :).

Things I love about my USA:

*one can taste cuisine from around the entire world at top-notch restaurants;
*95% of homes have amazing, hot showers;
*government corruption is kept at a minimum, most years;
*schools are consistent and provide a great basic education for every student of every income level;
*dreams can become reality in the USA - it is the land of opportunity;
*laws that protect property rights and freedoms of all sorts;
*a court system that, although imperfect, works better than any other;
*health care that, even on its worst day, is amazing;

The things I love most, though, about the USA have nothing to do with the above.  Instead, the things I love most involve living, breathing people.   Interesting personalities, deep histories and personal connections.    Caring individuals who have given much more to me than I could ever offer them.   Praying individuals who don't just take a prayer request and throw it away.   Loving individuals that see beyond my generalizations and criticism to my heart... and always give me and others the benefit of the doubt.

If we permanently return to the USA one day, it will not be because of the hot showers or the food or the government.   It will be because God has given us gifts of people that we love in the USA, real relationships, trusted friendships.   If our jobs here finish, that will be the reason we head north.

Please, in the midst of my comparisons and emotions spilled on these virtual pages, never miss that I am an American first, born and bred;  proud of my country, while enjoying another.   


News said…
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