A Most Interesting Birthday

We’ve had a very long series of days since we arrived back in Puerto Lempira on Saturday.   Burglaries, a dry well, slowing economy in town, heat, lack of electricity for hours, a pregnant 12-year old that moves me to tears, 3 footlockers that were delayed and so on.  A litany of things that make me want to scream and run for the hills.

But today, is my birthday.  29 again! 

Last night when our landlord told us there was no more water in the well, I just hoped we would get some rain.   This morning, no rain had come and we were all very, very stinky.   OK.. so, it would be a stinky birthday.

Because of the burglaries, we cannot sleep with our windows open until we get bars on the windows.  Without the air flowing through the windows, we are very, very hot and not sleeping well at all.  OK, so it would be a tired birthday.

Without electricity, our fans won’t run.  OK, so it would be a hot birthday.

Without water, we cannot wash dishes or clothes.  OK, so it would be a dirty birthday (BUT I wouldn’t have to do dishes.)

My parents had tried to call, but my cell phone was out of batteries and we couldn’t find the charger.   Yikes, it might be a lonely birthday.

Well, I started to get a bit depressed.   I told Alex that I wasn’t sure what else I could take this morning… and the tears began to flow.

In the midst of my pity party, my landlord wanted to give me a big hug.  I warned him that I hadn’t had a shower in many hot hours.  He gave me  big hug anyway and told me he had ordered a chocolate cake and Coke for my birthday.

Next, the electricity came on and I signed on to receive TONS of birthday wishes.   Happy tears flowed freely then.

My day has become better by the hour.

I’m proud of my older 2 children who worked so hard on their school work in the midst of intense heat and despite having one of our school computers stolen this weekend.   It was a delight to me to watch Aidan conducting his first middle-school level science experiment on his own and then writing an excellent lab report for me.   Arlee worked hard on a map of the Americas – we are going to work on identifying every single country on the globe over the next 6 weeks.  Adam read 3 basic books yesterday.  Smile   I’m so proud of my students.  They thrive even when I’m a mess.

A friend came over for lunch.  She is the tutor at Mama Tara’s and she worked hard to help me with the applications for 3 young ladies from La Moskitia for Leadership University.  We rejoiced together today that these 3 young ladies are absolutely thriving in this English university-level program!  They are all 3 speaking English after 3 months!

I’m so proud of them.  And so happy that on my birthday, when things looked very bleak to me, God gave me a special gift.  It is as if He allowed me to see just a small piece of why I’m here.  He doesn’t have to do that… I’m not promised that I’ll see His harvest of anything I’m doing while on this earth.  He just asks me to keep working at what He wants done.    Today, though, He showed me that this work, this perseverance, this discomfort is not in vain.

Without a doubt, that confirmation was the best gift I have received this birthday.   Onward and upward.


Cynda said…
I had to read this one to Michael. It reminds me of what is so important. We were both touched and encouraged by your day! May your birthday bring you much blessings each and every year.
Clay said…
It's taken me to hit bottom before realizing what's important. Mountains and valleys. I'd write something about that, except I already did.

Happy birthday again, and let us know if you need anything. Still praying.
Donna Lawson said…
I got to "pregnant 12 year old" and had to stop and go and pray. When you moved there, I told you I was looking for someone to pray for. I just added her. I'm glad your day has picked up and that you are able to see God in the everyday...even the stinky everyday.
Holly (me.) said…
I love you, Stinker! Happy, Happy Birthday!
Angela said…
What a way to remind us of what's important.

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