Book Mobile - Phase 1


Thanks to several very generous donors, we officially have a rolling cart, books in Spanish for all reading levels and basic English books for those that are beginning to learn English.    Yesterday, we allowed our first little patron to check out 3 books.  She comes to our house regularly and we are giving it a shot.    

Most weeks, I will take the cart around to the kids at the orphanages and allow them to read while I'm there and earn stickers or removable tattoos for the books they read to me or to an adult.  

Other times, any child that wants to come to our house and read or check out a few books is able.  I look forward to seeing the fruit.  Thank you to Wendy, Liz, Judy and to Jody for providing  the means for this ministry to happen!   I love how God brings together folks to make things happen that we are totally powerless to do alone here in remote Honduras  ...

Titles include:  a few of the Narnia series in Spanish, Goodnight Moon, Dr. Seuss in Spanish, several fairy tales in English and Spanish and so much more!

An all-time favorite, Charlotte's Web in Spanish.

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Pam M. said…
What a great idea! I am always finding great buys at bookstores and have noticed an increasing number of children books in Spanish. Is it possible for me to send them to you in the mail and you receive them without any problems?
Angela said…
I had the same question Pam. I would love to send books, or prizes.

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