We had the opportunity to speak about Reach Out Honduras this last weekend on 4 different occasions.    I will say upfront, we are not public speakers.   Alex was very nervous, but felt led to say a few very specific things about God's blessings and how often we cannot see the blessings bestowed upon the poor of this world.    Our American eyes are often blinded to the gifts that God has given the poor and suffering - blessings to share with the world.    We often equate the blessing with the material.   At times, the blessing is material, but more often, the blessing is the intangible... the gift of humility, generosity in the midst of hunger and sickness, patience, hope, joy and love.    

We have received all of the above from people who have been gifted and blessed to be a blessing to others.     Thank you seems small and common... but it is from the heart!


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