One Young Lady

There is this sweet girl... I'll call her Di for purposes of the internet. She is 17.  Her father died many years ago and her mother ran off immediately after with another man.  She is an orphan.   Her grandmother was very poor and unable to care for Di and her sister.   Both girls lived at a local orphanage for many years.   3 years ago, she chose to leave and start life on her own.   Since that time, she has become a Christian and is back in school pursuing her studies.  She is in the 8th grade and is living with an aunt.   Reach Out Honduras has helped her with her school supplies, her uniform and a few critical needs.  

She has spent many hours at our house as we get to know her personally.   She is an eager English student and generous with her time and talents.    Recently, her male cousin who lives in the same house, has begun to use and sell drugs.   He has stolen from her and night before last tried to physically harm her.   She would like to find another place to live, but has absolutely no income and no options besides her aunt.   She would love to live at the orphanage again, but it is too far and too dangerous for her to walk home from school after dark.   It is her dream to go to Copan to Christian boarding school next year and we are praying for God's provision for this one to attend. 

Last night, she joined Aaron's birthday celebration and we loved having her.  However, sadly our house is not a permanent option for her.   We have been warned about taking in teenage girls and our friends who live here have had personal experience with false accusations against a husband.   So, we keep praying for her and we are searching our hearts for another option for her.    

Please join us in praying for Di.  This one has a chance...  she has a fragile chance that, in this culture, must be nurtured like an emerging seedling.    We are speaking God's promises over her... God has a plan for her life.  He has been her Provider.  She has seen His Hand at work.   And yet, we live in a fallen world, in a place where young women are not valued at all.  Abuse is frequent and occurs within the family unit. 

We leave in a few days for the States.  Di is one reason I hate to leave, even for 5 weeks.  I set her up a gmail account today so that she can go to the internet cafe and send a message if she needs prayer.    For now, we are praying for complete protection for her... praying for clear direction for her...  and I find myself dreaming of a family for her.   A Dad, a Mom, siblings. 


Charlie James said…
Laura, praying for your friend. I am thinking, thinking, thinking. What is the actual distance from the school to Mama Tara's? How late in the day does she get out of school? loving you, me
Araratacres said…
I am laughing because my computer has been hacked again by my sweet husband, who, although I'm sure loves you, would probably never proclaim as much in such a public way. It is me, the real me, after all :) ~ liz
Kerri said…
Praying for Di - - for her protection and for a God-given solution to her situation. Love you!

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