One Thousand Gifts... Mine

The power of gratitude;  the unlimited potential for a joy that surpasses mere happiness when one consistently glances heavenward with thankfulness.  

Freshly finished read... One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp;  a study in perspective, a study in finding something worth keeping in every trial.  

Trials, suffering, challenge, the ugly, humanity at its worst... can I view these things through the lens of gratitude or am I constantly stuck in the quicksand of the negative?

Ann compiled a list of 1,000 gifts;  a few each day over a long period of time.   She has encouraged more to do the same and many have.

While I may not post this type of thing regularly, today I find myself eager to look up and whisper 'Thank You' for the little things.

So, here goes... my first 10 on my way to 1,000:

1.   four little faces who seek my guidance in quantities that ebb and flow at different ages

2.  pelting, relentless, life-giving rain

3.  anticipation

4.  steam dancing over bowls of oatmeal with dried blueberries

5.  falling fever after spikes of heat for much too long

6.  pirates in my living room

7.  bonds of family - weathered and deep

8.  chocolate chip cookies

9.   new screen door in the back

10.   rugged, yet tender man that protects our family and takes all of the emotion that I can give and keeps coming back for more.

My Little Pirates


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