Hunger for God

My Mom is leading a lesson on 'Hungering for God' for her Sunday School class this week.  She asked for my input and it made me think a bit more on how God has worked in one stubborn girl over the last 15 years.   Here are some of the things I wrote in hopes that it rings true with you:

As I experienced the Truths of Scripture playing out in my own heart, I began to sense this deeper desire to know Him more.  In a way, it was scary.  God is so much bigger than we imagine and when we ask questions about His character and begin to explore what His Word says, there are some discoveries that are hard to swallow.    And yet, He has asked me to ‘love Him with all of my heart, soul, MIND and strength.’   I began to love Him with my mind and give my mind over to studying, instead of doubting.

This decision to seek Him and love Him with all of me began a ‘hunger’ for God and His desires for my life, instead of my mere American dream pursuits.   And God was faithful, as He always is when we pursue Him.  Is there ever enough of learning about Him?  Is there ever an end to opportunities for growth?   Is there ever a time when we shouldn’t seek Him with everything?  No.   If He has given us another day, it should be filled to the brim with the tasks He has gifted us to complete.   And we are to do it without grumbling, complaining or gossiping.   

Personally, I’ve found my hunger for Him to be satisfied in the faces of the poor.   I’ve realized my spiritual poverty and my similarity to those who are physically poor.   It has proven a gift that I never want to give up.     The interesting thing is that when my hunger is satisfied in Him through the poor, I'm then immediately hungry for more;  it is circular.

My prayer for the remainder of my days is to continually be hungry for what He has to offer.  On the other hand, I seek to always be satisfied with the way He provides and not to look to the world’s manner of satisfying hunger.    I’ve had all the world can offer in the way of supposed satisfaction and it always left me hungry for something larger.   A relationship to God through Christ is that ‘something larger.’   In God’s economy, our hunger for Him allows for us to be completely satisfied in Him… which makes us seek more of Him, which leads to greater satisfaction in Him… and so on throughout eternity.


Denise said…
Beautifully said, Friend!
Mama ginn said…
Being away from the American culture of "me me me" and "now now now" and being in the midst of giving, loving and having to be patient, I'm sure makes one desire to be closer to God. To learn how to show God's love and to be more like God. It's easy for us Americans to get wrapped up in the high tech/fast food world and not think of God. Great thoughts Laura!

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