The Education That Is Not Happening...

Just the facts, first:

*The teachers in Honduras are on strike for going on 3 weeks!

*Prior to the strike, students have only attended roughly 20 days of school since the beginning of the Honduran school year in February.

*The union of teachers is powerful and, at times, escalates into violent tactics.  In Tegus, there have been large protests, often violent.

*Today, we had the first protest here with the military stopping the group from taking over the runway/airport.  The military had a strong presence today and we just went on about our business.

*When students do go to school, they only attend for one-half of a typical US school day.

*In the remote area where we live, there is not a full-time public high school option, even if there wasn't a strike.

On to opinion:

It is unthinkable to me that these bright minds have no option.  The victims of this are the next generation.     What happens to these children when they cannot read in 4th, 5th, 6th grade after being in 'school' for years.   A travesty.

Is Honduras really a 'developing' country?  

And in the same breath, I think of the handful that do have options.  Thanks to the generosity of Reach Out Honduras donors, 4 high school-aged students are attending the local private high school.   They have been in class since the beginning of February... every day.   They have been in English class with me... every Sunday.   Their minds are alive and intelligent, full of hopes and dreams for the future.   Full of praise for their Maker who in their words, "has heard their prayers and answered them with sponsors."  

Humbling, isn't it, that $100 per month can change a life in such a major way.  Humbling.  

And in next year, we ask God for direction.  We have a large dream, a God-sized dream, on our hearts.   Another option.   We will wait expectantly upon Him to see if He brings the details to pass.

Meanwhile, we pray for this country, for the current generation and for the next.


Holly (me.) said…
Keeping an eye on the limited news stories re: event in Tegucigalpa. Yikes.

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