Celebrating Women I Know

Today is International Women's Day... a day to celebrate women around the world who have made economic, social and political contributions to our world.     I don't know any women who achieve these types of things on a world-wide level.  I DO know many women who make contributions only a daily basis in their families and communities... and so, I celebrate them all.

Just a quick reference to a few ...

*A Honduran single Mom who fights every day to parent a completely disabled 6 year old, a 2 year old, her own Mom who is mentally-challenged.  She is a fighter..  Recently, my friend, decided that she wants to finish school.  She started back to 7th grade in February.  We are so proud of her and celebrate her contributions to the social and economic state of her family.  She is also an example to those around her, including our family.

*A Grandmother and Mother living in the US who through tear-filled eyes releases her daughters;  one to fight for the poor in a rural Oklahoma community through medical care and one to relocate to Honduras to fight for the poor in a rural Honduran community.    We celebrate her contributions to the economic and social state of her family and of families in the communities where her daughters work.    My Mom.

*A gringo missionary who has given her entire life to the poor people of this region.  She helped found a home for disabled children... she started a store for disabled men and women to make crafts and sell them.    She has lived among the third world of the third world fighting to provide for a better life, fighting to give them a voice, fighting to show them Hope, fighting despite criticism and ingratitude.  She is an example of sacrifice to me.  She has radically changed the social and economic landscape of eastern Honduras... all in the name of Christ.

*Women in Texas, too numerous to count, who sacrifice their time and money to speak on behalf of children a world away   These are my 'girls', the women I terribly miss, the support I rejoice in and the faces I will weep with when I see them.  Their sacrifices are large... some travel here, some send supplies, some wear out their knees praying for our family's safety, some love these people as we do... others quietly send money so that we can stay.   These are the heroes of our ministry.  We are just the hands and feet... they are the hearts and soul of this!

To these ladies and the hundreds of others who have truly touched me, I give thanks for you today.   May this International Women's Day bring awareness to each of us how similar we are, whether washing clothes by hand, grinding flour for tortillas, preparing a delicious American meal, comforting a sick child, clothing a homeless person...  we are the same, given the heart of God to care for others.  What a privilege!



Linda said…
Oh, Laura, what a touching tribute to those very special women! Each woman's story made my heart swell, but especially the one about your mother. Bless her dear heart. Thanks for your inspiration today.


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