Why I Don't Need a Washing Machine...

 My clothesline with my future sink below :)

 My incredible plastic clothespins from Walmart... these are the sturdiest and people keep walking off with them one-by-one

When I thought about the must-needs for my life here in Puerto Lempira, I always thought that I HAD to have a washing machine.  I don't know how to wash on a pila and I just couldn't imagine my life without Downy-fresh clothes.  Hmmmmmm.....

So, we purchased a washing machine and had it shipped in by boat, alongside our refrigerator.  Now, my refrigerator, I don't want to live without that;  but that washing machine??  It is collecting dust... and here's why.

Do you know how much water a washing machine uses for just one load?  Well, my friend, Luty, can wash all of two days' worth of our clothes on a pila using 1/2 of the amount of water needed for one load of laundry in a washing machine.   And since there is often not enough water for our family, this is a HUGE deal to me.

Do you know how much electricity a washing machine uses?   A bunch.  We do not have electricity until 8:30 or 9:00 in the mornings.  So, my best time to use the washing machine is completely unavailable.   And even 1 kwh of electricity is like gold... personally, I'd rather have my fans and lights at night than use my washing machine all day.

And as for the Downy-fresh???   That Downy is also like gold here and I've decided I'd rather have some special food items than to splurge on fabric softener that doesn't do much without a dryer anyway.

As for Luty... she is a single Mom with kids and grandkids.  She also works for the local 'Miskito women' group that is committed to picking up trash in this town.  I love her quiet way and her attempts to speak English and open our door.  She says she has a 'hard head' and can't learn English, but then when I accidentally talk to her in English, she understands.   She is loyal, trustworthy and so happy.  And I'm the luckiest lady in town to have her washing our clothes.    She doesn't like to hang clothes, so that's my game... hanging and folding.

And Luty thinks that washing machine is a hunka junk... seriously.


Holly (me.) said…
Can Luty come next Tuesday? Just tell me what is fair considering the walk. :)
The Herd said…
I loved hanging clothes in Russia...would do it here, but it's looked on in a "tacky" way...but I will someday when no neighbors can "see" and we have our own place. I don't know what a pila is though. I used my tub as a washer...it was great when I needed it. Russia's water and electricity was not limited, so we did have a washing machine...
love your posts!
Denise said…
I need to know the definition of "pila" too. I don't think there is anything in the world that smells as good though as clothes dried outside. Mmmmm.
Love this post! So insightful!
Mey said…
This is a pila

Normally you will house a couple of live Tilapias in the water side to keep them fresh until dinner. For washing you have a ball type soap. The washing board-like surfaces or lavaderos have a drain and so does the water holding side.

The water containment area is useful because of water pressure issues as well as water shortages.

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