More on Laundry

After I wrote that last post on washing, I realized a few more things:

*I actually DO know how to use the pila, especially for washing large pots and pans :)

The pila below is not as beautiful as the one Mey listed in the comments, but is more like mine in terms of shape. Ours has nice tile all around, but isn't as large.   Our pila is also indoors, which is unique here.  It isn't in our house, but just outside in a covered area that includes the staircase up to our apartment front door. 

A few other observations:

*The pila is harder on clothing than a traditional washer.

*There is a washboard-like part to the pila which can get out lots of stains when used properly!

* It is challenging to wash sheets on a pila!   I prefer the washer for sheets and towels.

* Children like to play in a pila filled with water :).

*Alex and I can both wash dishes at the same time - one of us in the small kitchen sink and one at the pila...  this is very, very helpful.


Mey said…
Get a live tilapia to live in your pila! It will add to the cool factor and the kids will love you for it. It also keeps the water cleaner.

We pray for you daily and love you much in Christ
Carolina said…
i love using la pila to wash my clothes when i am in Honduras. :0 and i totally agree with the comment above, get a tilapia! grandma had some!!lol, but htat's because her pila was abandoned 4 a washing machine!

love your blog by the way :) God Bless
Sara said…
Just the other day I was bemoaning the fact that the kids' white socks just don't get clean here in the states using my fancy-smancy washing machine! You just can't beat the pila for getting socks white-white! :)

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