Dodging Mosquitoes and Malaria

We exist here in the company of many mosquitoes.  It is a fact, Honduras is in a tropical climate.  Honduras has not had the spraying of pesticides that essentially eradicated malaria in developed countries.   For this reason, a fever here always brings that dreaded 'm' word back to life. 

The last 24 hours, Aidan our oldest, has had a high fever.  We wouldn't have been worried except around 3 weeks ago, he had the same fever, headache, etc.   Malaria is a cyclical disease, with spirals of sickness.    After a hospital visit, blood work and injection in the backside, it turns out he has a bad infection, no malaria...  whew, dodged another creepy mosquito.

We've tried all types of mosquito repellent -both  natural and not-so-natural.   Early on, we received advice from seasoned missionaries here that often, malaria prophylaxis, masks symptoms of malaria and make it hard to properly diagnose.  Additionally, the medicine is not easy on little bodies.     So, we opted for no prophylaxis medicine for our kids. 

For many of you, right about now, I'm sure you are muttering under your breath about how stupid
we are.   And yet, I ask you to consider a larger question... what about the other children here?  They live in the very same situation  Well, actually, they have it much worse.  We are US citizens and therefore are treated preferentially - it is horrible, but true.  We have access to medicine that local Moms and Dads do not have.   It is unfair;  these children are as precious to Jesus as our own children.  Each and every one.

It is not easy for us to live with the ever-present reality of malaria and other disease.  So, what do we do with this?   Do we stay in the US out of the fear of sickness and even death?    Doesn't sickness and death have its place in the US, too?   

I currently read the blog of a young missionary couple in Africa whose very young son is recovering from malaria after taking prophylaxis for almost a year.    This father is a doctor and has written a beautiful post that echoes our feelings about why we walk forward.

Nothing... not malaria, not fear, not the opinions of others, not dengue, not cancer, not death ... Nothing will separate us from the love of Christ.  Nothing.  And it is in His power alone that we are able to live freely here... with our children. 


Sara said…
After living 3-6 hours from a decent hospital in rural Honduras with our four young children, I agree totally with everything you said here. We came to the same conclusion against our doctor's advice. Its so hard to explain to people here. Here we live with so many safety nets, the availability of good medical care including every one who shows up when you dial 911...I remember that when we lived there, realizing that the only safety net that I had was His hands holding each of my children. Yes, that was a struggle for me, but also freeing when I learned to trust Him. I am praying for a quick recovery for your son and I'm thankful for your encouragement again for those of us here in the "safe" USA to remember in Who we really have our trust.

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