Do or Be; Do or Be; Do or Be

Until I get this very important Truth, I believe that I will struggle, scream, fight and cry...   I do not have to spend my days DOING and DOING and DOING.   'Doing' does not make God love me more;  'doing' does not grant me favor with God ... 'doing' is not the crux of my life.

I've written on this topic many times.  I want to just 'BE' - instead of allowing my typical schedule-oriented self to become the energizer bunny on steroids, I just want to slow down and expect that the stuff God has going on here isn't going to perfectly emerge completed in a week or a month.  

So many days, I find myself frustrated at day's end because I didn't accomplish MORE.   Alex finally sat me down today and shot it straight.  He laid out the relationships that are being built, the dreams that are unfolding, the way God is changing us.  And he is absolutely right.   We don't have to DO any more... we are saved by God's unexplainable and extraordinary Grace.  To try to add anything to that is pointless.   We add nothing to it ... we just walk forward WITH it.

We are here in Honduras for the long haul.  We've committed our lives to just following God, wherever that leads.  We do not have to have an agenda or 10 lives to save in a day or a definition of success that is defined by anything but Grace.     I just have to keep reminding myself of this fact or I experience great frustration.

Tomorrow,  a new morning ...  a new opportunity to see what God has planned and to live in the moment, not in my warped idea of missionary success.    It is a journey, friends, and sometimes I find myself comin' round the mountain over and over and over again.  


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