We've long-planned a return trip to Texas in April/May of this year. With our pending residency paperwork, we knew we would have to have some sort of scheduled 'return' trip when we entered the country. The paperwork process to stay in Honduras is extensive, corrupt and overwhelming, but that is for another post.

We scheduled our return flights for April 19th. My Mom & Dad gave our family an amazing gift - over 250,000 Advantage miles. :) (This equates to 3 or 4 one-way trips for all 6 of us! Huge gift!) Turns out, American rescheduled our trip and inserted an overnight layover in Miami without notifying us. Yikes.

Alex called to 'straighten things out' - he's like an iron on the cool setting - he can mend issues like this while I'm blowing a gasket outside of earshot. (You should have seen us at the airport at 4:30 a.m. when we left the States the first time... they wouldn't take our footlockers after Alex had obtained special permission. Again, another blog post).

When our itinerary was neatly wrinkle-free, we ended up with a 12-hour trip with only a 3-hour layover in Miami and no need to rent a hotel room. However, with those conditions, our trip had to be bumped forward by 2 weeks. This ended up being great news to our sick kids this week. (Sickness adds a very emotional dimension to missing friends and family.)

So, we will travel back to the US very, very soon for a visit. In the in-between weeks, we will have ANOTHER GROUP of our dear friends visit at Spring Break. This group will build a cabinet for the boys at Mama Tara's, lead Sunday School for our new church, prayer walk our city, paint the school desks/chairs/chalkboard and eating tables at Mama Tara's, do some garbage detail and visit Familia Alastero. It is going to be an outstanding week.

I have a feeling that their departure will be easier on all of us. We will see all of them again in just 2+ weeks after they leave.

And so we look forward to our tomorrows. Friends. Flights. Family. Fund-raising. Fish. Fellowship.

(I know, the fish is a weird one - a sweet friend is having a sushi party while we are in town... and it fit with my 'f' motif.)

We are still scheduling our calendar. If you would like for us to visit your church, Sunday school, small group, ladies-with-coffee club or the like, we would love to share God's work here. Our presentation is very low-key and does not include a sales pitch :). We will have many artisan items for sale to benefit the local artists of Puerto Lempira and our ministry, Reach Out Honduras.


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