When God Redeems!

I wrote a very sad post last fall about 3 young ladies who gave up the opportunity for further education... I called it Storms because it was a horribly stormy day when they left and I felt storms inside of me as I watched treasures depart in a rickety boat giving up the hope of a sunny tomorrow.

Back then, I prayed that they would return.  I prayed that God would grab hold of them and give them a glimpse of what they had left behind.    And, guess what, He did!!!

One of the girls returned last week to repent to the orphanage mama and to ask for forgiveness from all people involved, including the sponsor who has provided her support and encouragement for 8 years.   The young lady asked if there was any chance for her to make it to the boarding school after all.

And, guess what, God opened doors... at the very last minute, the Director said 'send her.'   My days have been filled with forms, certificates, clothes, conversations and tickets.   She gets on a plane on Friday morning very early to her destiny.

She has a new Bible.   She will be prayed over and prayed for.  She steps into a life many girls here only dream about.    So many are so proud.  

Please join us in prayer for this one who God has claimed as His own.  And for the others who will not listen to His call and settle for garbage when they could have a crown.  Open their ears, Lord.  


Denise said…
Beautiful! I remember praying for these young girls. I never cease to be amazed not only by God's faithfulness, but by the times when He blesses us by letting us get to see that faithfulness first hand. Why is it that after all I have experienced I still find myself surprised by how He redeems the lost? Thank you for sharing.

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