Equipping and Being Equipped

If there was one thing that almost stopped me from stepping out into 'missionary' work, it was the idea that we would be dependent upon so many others in so many ways.    Coming from the US notion that 'independence' is best and self-reliance is the only way, it was tough to step out of that mindset long enough to keep walking forward.

One year ago, Alex and I sat on our bed in our rent house after selling our largest US possession, our house.  We knew we were called and thought it was to Honduras.   I remember that day because we both had our laptops in our laps and were trying to figure out how to put together a website that might communicate what God had placed on our hearts.   Alex felt that we were to be like George Muller, a man of faith in the early 1900s who took care of tens of thousands of orphans in England through faith in God.  He simply shared his testimony and God provided.  If you haven't read The Autobiography of George Muller, it should be on your must-reads for 2011.

At that time, in early 2010, we knew that we would be unable to do any of it alone.   We are not multi-millionaires.  We had no job in Honduras.  We would have to rely on God's provision through the hands of His people.    And we would do it without a hard-sell, simply sharing what we saw in Puerto Lempira and allowing God to do the rest.

This should not be a surprise.   Often in the New Testament, Paul relied on the gifts of fellow believers as he shared Christ around the Mediterranean.   He was one of the first missionaries and it appears he was well 'equipped.'     Sometimes he asked directly, but other times his needs were provided for and he simply offered a thank-you.   He speaks of learning to be content in all circumstances, with plenty and with want because he could do all things with Christ.  

We have found the same to be true.  However, today's blog is more about the ways we have been equipped by others to be here.  Some parts of the equipping might surprise you, like gifts of Nutella and peanut butter.  Others might not be such a shock, notes of encouragement, e-mail reminders of friendships and love and donations that came at just the time they were needed.

There are people who just won't let us go... we hear from them even when we don't respond back fast.  We keep hearing from them even when we've long forgotten to reply at all.  They love us enough to see through the lack of response and see our hearts.  

There are those who step in and take on huge undertakings that we have no ability to tackle from here... like locating t-posts, buying fencing and coordinating formula drives.   There are those who plan and lead group trips to bring other people here because they know first-hand that there is nothing to raise voices for this place like sight and presence.   There are those who copy an entire video series and print pages of bible studies off for us because they understand that we need spiritual food more than we need even Nutella.   There are those who sit on our Board, listening to our ramblings, tolerating our dreams and offering patience, perspective and wisdom.   These people are all equipping us to do what God has called us (and them) to do. 

Now, my next question which I must ask of myself is 'how are we equipping others to be Global Christians?'   We all should be that, you know... Global Christians or World Christians - however you want to phrase it.   God's heart is not for the Americas only, God is working everywhere across the entire globe.  And we are called to be a part of it.     It is true that all Christians are missionaries... everywhere.

We want to equip others to step out of their comfortable Christian life and into the uncomfortable task of 'going' and 'making disciples'... here, there and everywhere.     So, how can I do that from this remote place when I'm dead tired most nights just from living and working?   

And as an aside, we've found reliance on God through others to be very freeing.  We don't always have to ask, because God truly knows what we need.    Reliance on God makes us dig deeper with one another and trust that He is enough when our hearts are heavy.    And the experience is humbling.

If you have read all the way to the bottom of this very disjointed post, thank you.   :)  And, if you are one of those who equip us on a daily basis, thank you.   


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