What Today Brought

Every single morning here in La Moskitia, we awaken  with the question, "Hmmm, wonder what is going to happen today?  Could it be any weirder than yesterday?"   Seriously, some of our days are just random.   I dream of scheduled weeks where Mondays and Wednesdays we go to House of Hope, Tuesdays and Thursdays to Mama Tara's and Fridays at Alastero's.    Our life here looks absolutely nothing like that.  

Today was no different.   In my imaginings of today, I envisioned that we would make a quick trip to the airport to welcome an important gringo, stop by the House of Hope and then I'd be home by around 10 a.m. and have the entire day to unpack.  Mind you, we have absolutely nowhere to put anything that resides in those boxes;  however, the idea of unpacking makes me happy.

Back to today...   I did make it home by 10:30 or so and began a quick survey of the place.  I could not find my phone anywhere.    Layers and layers of dust had settled over everything.  We live in the center of the town, right above the main road.  Since none of the roads are paved and we haven't had rain in quite a while, the red dust is flying, seeping in and adhering to everything, including my teeth.

So, I begin with a teeth-brushing and some cleaning.   Not too many minutes later, a friend unexpectedly comes over and we enjoy a theological discussion for about an hour and a half.   I begin to get worried about Alex and start a search for my phone.   When I find it, I realize that a Miskito friend has tried to call me at least 10 times in the last 30 minutes.  I decide to call Alex and then call my friend later. (We don't use voice mail here :))   Alex quickly says someone has died and asks if our kids are all OK.  Then he has to get off of the phone immediately.  

A few minutes later, I send the big kids to buy tortillas.  As they head downstairs, Alex shuffles everyone back in and is followed closely by a local friend of ours.   They tell me that 2 men have died behind our apartment, on this property.  Our landlord, who recently lost a beloved son in a car accident, was having a well repaired.   It seems the young men were too far down and got into some toxic gases.   A horrible tragedy right on our back doorstep.

Oddly enough ... the entire town thinks that 2 gringos died, Alex and one of our children.   So, my friend's calls were to find out if my husband was alive.  A few minutes later, another friend arrives here and she is frantic to find me.  She has talked to our mutual friend who went immediately to the hospital to look for me...  they were worried sick.  

It seems that word travels rapidly here, even if it is a false word.   First, the rumor was that the giant gringo, Alex, died.  Next, the rumor mill decided it was one of our biological boys.  Then, folks decided that it had to be the Miskito boy that lives with us.   In reality, 2 totally different Miskito families were grieving the loss of their sons, husbands and fathers today.

What a sad situation.  Grief, confusion, desperation, gossip, relief, disbelief.   And, perhaps the most unexpected comment of the day... another friend comes immediately and tells me that he is going to find us a new home because there is a curse here.    And we are reminded once more of the sincerity of the incorrect beliefs that surround us.  

As Alex has said many, many times in the last 3 months... we aren't promised tomorrow.   And I'll add this, we never know what tomorrow may bring.

Please pray for these families who lost so much today and for our landlord who desperately continues in his grief.  He is a man we have come to deeply respect and love.   


Holly (me.) said…
Your days are so patently His days. I wonder why that's easier to recognize in your fluid schedule than in my own relentlessly plotted one? This sounds like it's a train of thought headed to that station where one remembers who is in control.
Thinking of Alex coming up the back steps from pumping water... and glad you and yours are well, while a little sick at the thought that the loss of those involved was likely eternal.
Thinking about and praying for everyone involved in yesterday's tragedy. I am thankful for the safety of the Waits family, but so sad for those who lost their loved ones.
Donna Lawson said…
What a tragedy! I"ll be praying for those men's families as well as your landlord. What a load he's carrying. Also, it strikes me that our email "conversation" was apparently timely.

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