A Typical Day Looks Like...

I have hesitated to write down about a ‘typical’ day, because, just like your life in the US, there really aren’t many ‘typical’ days.  Every day holds something of its own;  unique and unusual.   And that sentiment applies no matter where you find yourself in our world.
It so happens that I was better able to predict my life and days in the US because I had more control over my time.   Not so in my new digs.
That said, because my Mom really wants to know about our days, I’m going to write this post. 
OK… I try to get up before everyone.  This has always been a goal for me because if I do not have my time alone in God’s Word, I simply cannot be a patient Mom to anyone.  
So, on a great day, I get up early.   One of the kids wakes up, usually our youngest to go potty.  One by one, they emerge from their rooms while I beg for a few more minutes.  Sometimes, I bribe them with a movie if it is reeeallly early.  Otherwise, we just move into job mode.  The kids all have jobs of some sort.   Arlee is laundry helper (which comprises more here than in the US).  Aidan is dish helper (which also has more responsibility), Arnie is sweeper and mopper,  Adam is bed-maker... Aaron is successful if he just gets his own clothes on.

While the kids do their jobs, Alex or I fix breakfast.  We eat and Arnie is out the door for his school at the House of Hope by 8:00 a.m.    We then start on home school.   Home school is worth an entire post of its own right now.   

Alex usually takes Aaron with him on his morning tasks.  He heads to either the House of Hope or Mama Tara's to work on maintenance-type things.   Most tasks take 3-4 times as long here as they would in the US.   Poor quality products, lack of tools, vehicle break-down, you name it.   So, he typically comes home at lunch with only one thing checked off of his list.  But, hey, at least one thing got done!

Alex, Aaron and Arnie get back around 12 and we all have lunch.   It is my turn to go with Alex in the afternoon.  We have a helper, Mary Luz, who comes around 1:30 to hang out while our boys are napping and do some helping with tasks around here.  She is a God-send and worthy of a post all her own, too.    Our older kids often bike over to where Alex and I are going.  

We head to either House of Hope, Mama Tara's or Familia Alastero to do whatever needs doing.  Some days, we just play with the kids.  Some days, we do bigger jobs like cleaning storage areas.  Some days, we do administrative-type things for Reach Out Honduras.  Some days, we make cookies - like today at Mama Tara's (another post of its own :))    As it starts to get dark, we start to round-up big kids and make our way home.  Other days, Adam goes with us.  Sometimes, we leave earlier, get all of the kids and go play soccer.

Many days, Mary Luz has prepared something yummy for us for dinner.  Yes, she spoils us.  It is a HUGE relief for me given the length of time required to prepare something and my family's imminent hunger.    

After dinner, everyone has to take a shower and then to their rooms to play for a while before bed.  That pretty much does it for week days.   Not very exciting, is it?  Probably very much like your life!    

The differences between our days include vehicles:   your car is closed and my 4-wheeler is open to the elements... but also open for many 'holas' and easy stops to visit with friends.    We have come to enjoy this difference.   The other difference... you can pop your laundry into the dryer and I hang mine.   

I'm off now to enjoy 'Tacos Mary Luz' ... a lovely fried thing that makes everyone's mouth water.


Holly (me.) said…
Yesterday, Jan commented on the last ten chapters of Acts saying, Paul travels around, and he stops to eat... that's pretty much it." I was amused since it sounded much like the pattern my life is taking in being available to minister to others. That again rings true as I read/consider my experience sharing your "days". (Not that I would dream of equating myself to Paul, but who would not want to model a pattern set by one as human as we, but also a champion of Faith?)
Debra said…
Laura, fellow homeschool mom here.
Two of my children are grown now, and I still have one in the nest.
Glad I stopped by to meet you and your lovely family.
Now following you on Google.
Hope you'll swing by and visit me too. I love company:)
Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas and holiday season.

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