Spankings Revisited

The post about spanking is no more...  it seems I possibly revealed too much for the average blog reader to process.   I apologize if the fact of my spanking our child offends or hurts.   It was a story I chose to share ONLY because I felt there was an opportunity for God to be glorified and for my glaring mistakes as a parent to be appreciated by those who consider missionaries to be holier-than-thou.  

For those who understand the various challenges of child-rearing along with the heart of our specific family, I ask for your grace.    And for those who read it in the context it was intended, I hope you saw the heart behind the message.  

I love my children.  A discussion of the merits of spanking vs. non-spanking is not appropriate for this blog.   For now, I offer an apology to you for allowing a personal moment to permeate something that, perhaps, should be a bit more private.


Robert Hamilton said…
As I always say ..."People who are offended so easily should be offended more often"
Pam M. said…
I didn't see all the comments and I'm sorry people took offense. When he wanted to make your hand better, I teared up because it showed me exactly how discipline with love can be accepted and understood by our children. I also so appreciate your willingness to be honest. Many Christian mother writings through books, etc, tend to skip over these hard issues and it is easy to sit at home and think others are always "perfect" moms and find yourself falling short.
Denise said…
I didn't read the comments either, but I read the post and did not see ANYTHING that could possibly be construed in a negative light. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the transparency of your posts and I love that a lonely and frustrating evening turned into a sweet and special time for you and which ever sweet son shared it.

Please don't feel discouraged. I'm pretty sure that at least 98% of us read it in the spirit in which it was intended. I want the REAL Laura. This blog is a big part of the way I feel connected to you. (((HUGS)))
Anonymous said…
Oh, Laura,

Denise put it so eloquently and I echo her sentiments.

Thank you for being real and transparent.

It is so sad that when a person posts a blog, some readers in the Blogosphere feel the need to be haters.

Love you,
Phil said…
Laura often ridicule and anger aimed at you can come from a source other than the one typing the words. Stand strong, be firm in your faith, and know that the God who called you to where you are and what you are doing is the same God in control of your every circumstance. Sometimes the fight we engage on this earth is not the fight that is intended. I am praying more for you and your family tonight more than ever.I appreciate your vulnerability and candor and believe that your words are always a source of inspiration and a challenge to many more than who will take offense. Missing you and yours and look forward to coming back... until then!
lauriematherne said…
Dear Laura and others who read, I was the one who questioned the post on spanking. I prefaced my comments about my respect and admiration for her work. I was not angry or ridiculing her in any way. I merely suggested that the story needed more context. As Laura is new to the mission field and blogging about it, she is in a position to influence readers to follow and support her through prayer and contributions or not. I guess I was thinking of Anne Lamont, a Christian woman and writer whom I respect greatly. She wrote an article years ago about slapping her then teen age son.
I was not offended but enough people were offended that eventually she lost her job as a contributor to an online magazine. Mainly because people felt she embarrassed her son by writing about a personal offense in her private life. Should we never write about about about personal lives? Of course not. I merely wanted to raise the suggestion that she could offend and possibly lose readership with a story written about a sensitive topic when most of her readers are new to her work, and therefore, do not know the context of the incident. On my blog, I like honest feedback, back and forth. I don't feel like I was trying to harm or discourage Laura in anyway. I guess I was wrong. If you felt harm or discouraged, it was not intentional. I did praise your work, and I did seek to encourage you to continue, as I recall.
Laura said…
Laurie -

I did not at all feel harmed by your comments. Discouraged as a parent, possibly. However, that was quickly replaced with the realization that you were correct to remind me that my blog has moved from a personal blog read by folks who know us, love us and give us much grace... to one, by my choice, that is read by people in various parts of Honduras. That choice of mine was, perhaps, not the best choice if I wanted to share on a deeply personal level.

It is always difficult to balance the conversations I'd love to have with my closest 20 friends with the more casual information that most readers are more comfortable digesting.

So, all in all, it was a lesson learned for me. If you had not pointed it out, I would have felt that all readers understood the final point I wanted to make about Christ. Now, I know, that the finale wasn't even reached by some because of their distaste with my discipline choice.

Thank you for being willing to share. Most of the readers of this blog, I still believe, have known me and my family for 5-10 years. They have read my other blog about fostering and adoption; they know my stance on many issues relating to children. They have seen the love we have for all of our children and the hope we have for the children with whom we work.

I don't consider myself a writer, just a human being who has a lot to process myself and enjoys having a venue to do so.

Hopefully, you and I can meet one day and visit over a cup of coffee or the like. I may be in Tegus in a few months.

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