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Time for blogging has been at a minimum lately... we experienced the visit of the FIRST group of gringos to serve alongside us here last week.  Yes, that means that they sacrificed their Thanksgiving with family to share something incredible.

It was a week to remember.  We are processing everything and I hope to write more regularly over the next few weeks.  I'll start with this, our Thanksgiving.

The morning started with a double-breakdown on the 4-wheeler we use.  This happens often, but we were hoping to avoid some of this with friends here :).   Alex quickly got things going and we headed to get things organized for the day.   A local church donated their truck and a driver and another sweet man to help us.

We loaded 250 lbs of rice, 250 lbs of beans, 250 lbs of sugar, 250 lbs of flour, 50 lbs of manteca, 100 lbs of yucca, powdered milk  and 250 lbs of chicken into bags.   Word quickly spread and we had 2 little guys who wanted to help.   One of these 2 helped us deliver for almost 4 hours.   He was the happiest person on the planet when we handed him one of the last bags and said 'Take this to your Mom.'   I cannot wait to post that picture.    Today, I saw him again.  He called to me and said with a smile, 'Thank you for all of those things.'  You are so welcome, sweet heart.  So welcome.

We delivered food bags and Christian tracts to 50 homes of the poorest of poor in the surrounding area of Puerto Lempira.  It is a weird thing to look at a house that seems impoverished and have someone say, 'no, that house is at least painted, we must keep going.'   Here. poverty is so great that the poorest of poor often don't even have what resembles a home.   One elderly lady lives in a home built from walls of garbage.   She was lovely in her hospitality and gratitude.

The day ended with a Honduran meal, lots of laughs and some great worship music in Spanish.  For those of you who contributed to this feeding project, thank you.   It was the highlight of the group's week to be able to share both food and the bread of life with those who need it.   Thank you.


Holly (me.) said…
Best Thanksgiving ever.

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