Weathering the Storm

In 3 weeks, we've experienced two Tropical Storms; Matthew & Paula. These 2 experiences were completely different for several reasons.

Matthew had the hype, the preparation, the waiting... and somewhat of a letdown when it appeared to be nothing worse than a typical North Texas thunderstorm. Paula, on the other hand, was a complete surprise... and an unwelcome one, at that.

Our friend, Clay, watches the weather for us. We have slow internet access and really don't understand weather patterns to begin with. Clay had a heads-up on Matthew and we were expecting something horrendous. With Paula, she decided to head our way at the last minute.

We weathered Paula without radio, TV or sirens. We had no idea when she would subside. We had every piece of clothing, towels, etc out drying up water and many bowls placed strategically around. Water poured in behind our propane stove as we realized we had no propane anyway. One half of our electricity had been out since Friday due to a rat's lovely teeth. We realized during the night that the rats had rapidly reproduced and were having a party in the walls. (Alex has subsequently brought the demise of 2 of them.)

So, lesson learned. Information and preparation is helpful. And yet, none of the people here have much preparation. They do have radio, which we really need. They have lived all of their lives 'riding out the storms' - literally and figuratively.

We still like our trusty weatherman and will enjoy all of the information we can get for the next one...


Holly (me.) said…
This reminds me that I am wondering what sort of weather to expect during our visit... I wonder if the Waether Man would be willing to give us something of a forecast before we leave? Maybe something general to assist in our packing, and something more specific the week of departure?
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