The Luxury of Thought

Luxury... if that were my post title, you'd probably expect words on what US luxuries I'm missing right about now.  Or, you'd anticipate a list of luxuries you would need to do without in order to come visit.

Instead, I write about a luxury that is rarely considered... the luxury of having the time to think,  read, write, blog, ponder, dwell and so on.  

In my years as an adult (many), I've learned that 'processing time' is almost as important for me as whatever activity is done.    I tend to let things simmer in my brain and allow the occasional bubble to come up and pop when something resonates deeply.

Here, in a place where survival takes almost every ounce of energy one has, I see people who don't have time to simmer.   They simply exist at the same temperature they've always been.  To talk about serious problems, to brainstorm solutions, to meet friends for coffee and ponder, to read a novel for pleasure, to write a letter, to blog about life... these things are rare here.   In fact, they might even be considered acts of idleness and, therefore, unnecessary.   I daresay that, to some, education is even considered a luxury.

Can you imagine? 

I enjoy my little luxuries... my occasional reading, a frozen Coca Cola in the middle of the afternoon, a Chatamoosca, riding in a vehicle instead of walking, BBQ, baleadas, writing to you on this blog, reading long e-mail from friends who care enough to keep writing even after the newness of our departure has worn off,   snuggling up to watch a movie in a twin bed with my giant gringo hubby (this is tough),   and so on...

Excess?  Not for me.  In fact, I think some of these are more like air and water for me :).


Holly (me.) said…
Laughed out loud at the idea of one of the tallest couples I know trying to smush onto one of the bunks for movie night...

I am continually amazed that you can write there. Did it come gradually? I just couldn't seem to pull away from the constant activity during our too-brief stay to reflect. Perhaps this time will be different?

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