A Laugh and A Louse

Thought I would give you a quick giggle today...

We've added 2 new students to our morning home school; 2 children of long-time missionaries to this area. One is a girl who was born here and is considered Miskito by all. She has become a good friend to Arlee, our daughter.

Imagine this. Chapter 8 of Dr. Doolittle being read aloud by me while my daughter scours my head for lice while her friend scours her head. Every now and again we stop to view the removed egg sack or even the nasty louse itself.

Sorry if that grosses you out. I've decided that I would rather have lice and love on children than to remain physically distant and have clean hair.

God created lice, too, you know :). Ha.ha.


Pam said…
Isn't it amazing how your perspective changes. Glad you can love and laugh!
Kerri said…
I do so love you and what God is doing in and through you. I love praying for you as well.
Araratacres said…
Laura, You are cracking me up ! I love you so much. Miss you terribly too~ Liz
This reminds me of a bit that Ellen Degeneres did in her early days about fleas and her questioning God as to their purpose. It was pretty funny.

I thank God for your beautiful attitude toward lice and maybe you can ask God one day what their purpose was supposed to be.

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