Good, Bad, Ugly and Just Plain Weird

*TIP:  When living in a remote area of our world, do not talk about your favorite restaurant while cooking refried beans, eggs and tortillas (baleadas) for the 3rd time in 3 days. It just makes 6 months until home visit sound like an eternity.

*All Miskito kids seem to have a natural inclination to dig through trash to find food… even ones who have 3 square meals every day.

*Never underestimate the power of Girls Night Out, even when you’ve basically just met several of the other girls.

*BBQ in an open air restaurant with two small tables and almost zero lighting is the most amazing thing I’ve tasted in 3 months.

*There are only so many nights that one can sleep in a bunkbed when one is middle-aged.

*God is truly at work on my patience

*Friends come in unexpected sizes, shapes and colors.

*You know it has been a good day when your husband shows up for dinner with black hands from working on a vehicle and one of your kids says, “Dad, you look Miskito.”

*Vehicles here… either broken down, about to break down or recently fixed. Truly, SO much time is spent repairing vehicles that there must be a ministry opportunity in this!

*We live in a place where what should take 1 hour takes 1 week… no joke. This is rough on a former Type-A lady like me. Alex says I’ll learn to live with it; he’s right, I have no choice.

*Our little ones go to a precious preschool in a cute, yellow house that begins the day with snacks and lollipops. Just wondering how the rest of the morning goes with that kind of ‘juice.’

*When I’m out and about in our ‘pueblo’ driving the Mule (multi-use vehicle, not beast of burden) … I have some of the best prayer times I’ve ever experienced.

*My skin color has never before caused so much of a stir... it really cracks me up. 

*I'm eager to learn Miskito so that I can understand the giggling and talking when I do something stupid :)

*All in all... we are settling in well.    Looking forward to our little pink rent house by the hospital that will be ready at the end of November.    

*Oh.. .and thank you for the comments and e-mail about the possibility of help in our home.  We are happy to say that we've been blessed by this assistance in many ways.   We pray that our decisions glorify God by affecting other families in their ability to care for their children.


Holly (me.) said…
So thankful that you have GNO there, and looking forward to our Girls' Nights In.

Cannot wait to see that Pink House.

Mouth watering at the idea of beans, eggs, and tortillas; yet, I suspect you would be equally desirous of our week's recurrent peppers, spinach, and pasta dish.
Kerri said…
Wow! Do you make the tortillas yourself? - - I never got the hang of that. Now re-fried beans we love, and my husband has asked that please, please when we go back to the states to never buy a can of re-fried beans, but still make them with the pressure cooker! I have some recipes I NEED to share with you . . . ways to do American foods while living in Brazil. But not sure if they would work for you there (just depends what's available). We're excited that your pink house will be ready in November!! We've learned to that when thinking of a restaurant or favorite fast food place, just keep it to yourself!!!
Love you!

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